Youth Club Constitution

1. Name

The name of this organisation is St Mary's Youth Group.

2. Vision

The Group's vision is to provide the youth of St. Mary's Parish and their friends, aged 8-15 years, with a place to grow and develop, in a safe and caring environment, according to Christian principles.

3. Objectives

To bring young people together on a regular basis and provide opportunities for social interaction and spiritual development. To remind young people of Gospel values and to provide them with opportunities to undertake initiatives that are based on their core beliefs. To help young people to realise their potential through faith, friendship and Christian action.

4. Membership

Membership is conditional on a Membership Form being completed by a parent/guardian.

5. Child Protection

The Group has a Child Protection Policy which is in accordance with the directives of the Catholic Church in Scotland. All adult helpers are "Disclosure checked" and are cleared to work with children at Diocesan level.

6. Meetings

There will be two Groups which meet at different times. Those aged 8-12 years will meet as one Group, from 6pm -7:30pm. Those aged 12-15 years will meet as one Group from 7:45pm - 9:15pm. Meetings will take place in St. Mary's Church Hail. Young people will sign a register on arrival, indicating the arrangements that are in place for them to leave the Hall at the end of the evening. Young people will not be allowed to leave the premises unless a Group Leader knows of their arrangements for going home. Young people will be expected to stay until the end of each Group meeting unless their parent/guardian indicates otherwise. It is expected that all young people will stay inside the Hall during the course of the meeting unless instructed otherwise. There will be a period of prayer/reflection during most meetings.

7. Safety

A 'First Aid' kit is kept on the premises. The Church Hall satisfies all the appropriate criterion for fire safety. A mobile phone will be activated during Group meetings so that parents/guardians may contact a Group Leader during a meeting if necessary. Any loss or damage to personal belongings is not the responsibility of the Youth Group.

8. Unruly Behaviour

Instances of unruly behaviour will be dealt with as constructively as possible. In matters relating to unruly behaviour the collective decision of the Group Leaders is final.

This Constitution was adopted on 1st October 2007